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Boxercise Class On Our Language Course

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Here at Interactive Travel we encourage our students on our English language courses to take part in as many of our activities as possible. We are proud of our unique concept that differentiate our courses from others and we work hard to make sure that not only do our students learn to speak fluent English but that they also leave England with great memories of the country and with a range of experiences that they may not have had the opportunity to try in their home country.

We believe that personal development is a vital part of education and that these type of experiences will be invaluable in a person’s future challenges. Youngsters spend much of the early part of their lives in education and we believe that by combining development and education with having fun is the very best way to increase retention of information and to help them to learn a new language while their mind is focused on the fun aspect.

Although there is a lot of information and there are many photographs on this website we feel that videos of the activities on our courses are a great way to give someone the big picture of what our English language courses are all about. Here we present some video clips of the students enjoying some of the activities we provide on our language courses.

On this particular page we have a video of our students and student leaders getting fit by doing a ‘boxercise’ class – (exercises typically used to help boxers stay fit.)

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