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English Language Course Dance Class

Everyone enjoys dancing don’t they? Well not everyone at first, but that’s precisely the reason why we encourage our students to get involved in our dance class. It has a kind of ‘folky’ Irish feel to it – a bit like an old-fashioned English barn dance. This is an activity that involves the whole group and really helps the more shy individuals to let their hair down and simply have some fun.

Barn Dance

We have an instructor who gives the instructions in English and the students get involved in a variety of movements that involve hand-clapping, dancing in circles and generally ‘whooping it up’!

Kick The Can

It’s difficult not to smile when you inevitably get one part of it hopelessly wrong and our students always enjoy the experience and also end up totally worn out! We find that this type of activity is the perfect antidote to the difficulties of getting to grips with the complexities of a new language.

Many new friendships are made regardless of the fact that a few toes get stepped upon! It’s also a direct contrast to some of the more physically and mentally challenging activities that we provide so we feel that it adds to the perfect balance of fun, education and personal development aspects of our English language courses in England.

Yes Sir, I can boogie
As a famous lady once said, ‘you can dance, for inspiration.’ We agree whole-heartedly Madonna. ‘Get into the groove!’