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Having Fun While Learning English

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Our mantra here at Interactive Travel is that by encouraging our students to have fun and take part in physical team activities on our English language courses, they are less likely to become bored, they don’t have to work as hard at trying to learn the English language but they actually learn and retain more of the language skills. It’s like a kind of distraction technique – distract them from the fact that it’s all about learning and get them to focus purely on having fun and the result is that it’s a more powerful learning experience.

One of the activities that fits this description perfectly is our dance class. It’s ideal for encouraging those of a more shy disposition to open up, let their hair down and ‘boogie on down!’ As you will see in the videos below, the dance instructor is English and delivers his instructions in English.

Of course, another advantage of these activities is that they encourage our students to make new friends and bond with their fellow language course participants. Dancing has probably been a part of social culture for almost as long as eating therefore it is an excellent way for our students to let their hair down and unwind, thus helping to make their experience an enjoyable and productive one.

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