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Language Course Boxing Fitness Training

Amongst all of the other physical activities we get our students involved in, we find that a little light boxing training is a great way for them to let their hair down and have fun at the same time while brushing up on their English language skills. Of course, we don’t send them home with black eyes and broken noses, but we do combine some quality training and bag-work with a little light sparring – for those that want to.

Learning To Box

Boxing is all about fitness, discipline and confidence – not unsimilar to the attributes required for good language skills. The fitness aspect is simply preparation for good boxing. If you are not ring-fit, it will let you down and you will fail. Similarly if someone doesn’t take the time to learn the basics of a new language and understand the fundamentals they will make their task of successful communication a lot more difficult.

Discipline is of course a very useful life-skill and is necessary for aquiring any new ability, such as learning to speak English. Confidence is vital in helping a student to advance their language skills. This is even more important when part of that learning process involves practicing the new language in the host country of that language,which is precisely what our students are doing.

All Smiles

This is why we focus our courses around building confidence and developing confidence within a group of people whilst engaging in physical activity. We enjoy nothing more than seeing one of our students ‘come out of their shell’ within the group or in a situation that previously would have intimidated them.

You can also see more of our English language students having fun in the boxing gym by clicking the following link to view our boxercise class video.

We are keen to connect with other organisations that are perhaps already sending groups of students to England to learn to speak English to see if we can provide the type of learning environment that will suit their aims. If this is you, please use our contact form (to the right of the page) or give us a telephone call and we will provide you with as much information as you need as well as prices, dates and testimonials from satisfied customers of ours if necessary.