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Learn To Speak English On Dartmoor

One of the best things about South Devon is the diversity of the landscape, which our English language courses exploit to the maximum. We take our students to have fun jumpimg into and wading across some of the many rivers. We go coasteering, which involves them jumping off the cliffs into the sea. When they go to Brixham for raft building and racing, if the weather is good they spend a little time on the beach.

Tor Jumping
But it’s not all just water based fun. Just to the North-West of our language school location¬† is Dartmoor, which is a large area of moorland with it’s famous Tors (exposed granite hilltops). It is a protected area which has National Park status and it is a must-see when in Devon if you’re the type who likes to don the walking boots and breathe some really fresh air.


Although this is not really one of our water based activities, there are plenty of rivers and streams on Dartmoor as well as some bogs. The area gets much higher rainfall than the surrounding areas. There are plenty of historically interesting sites to be found on Dartmoor, which of course gives us something to aim for and something for our students to try and find as part of a challenge. For example, there are around 5000 stone hut circles dating from the Bronze age as well as Kistvaens, which are Neolithic tombs.


There are of course lots of myths and legends related to Dartmoor, which provides us with plenty of material for our students to learn about. Legend has it that Dartmoor is inhabited by pixies, along with a headless horseman, a large black dog and also a large pack of spectral hounds. It may sound like a load of made-up rubbish, but once out on the moors with no civilisation to be soon for miles around, these myths always seem to spring back to the front of the mind!

Human Pyramid

There is another tale of ‘the beast of Dartmoor’ which apparently is a large wildcat as well the ‘hairy hands’ which are alleged to attack visitors to Dartmoor. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was apparently inspired to write ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles’ by Dartmoor and it’s legends.

Dartmoor Ponies

As with most of our activities, our Dartmoor visits are great fun, a learning experience, a chance to get some vigorous physical exercise, an opportunity to take part in fun challenges and above all a memorable experience that typifies the English experience.