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Learn To Speak English Over Dinner

We like our students to be well looked after and well-fed on our English language courses. Spending time in any country would not be complete without experiencing the local cuisine and in England, this is also the case. Due to a diverse and multi-cultural population, England not only offers some interesting dishes of its own but also has many foreign foods which have been here so long that they are a staple part of the English diet and some have even been adapted to suit typical English preferences.

A great example of this is the ‘balti‘ which is a type of Indian curry that was actually invented in Birmingham (England – West Midlands) and is now exported from England to the Indian sub-continent! There are now many different types of balti but the traditional style is served in a balti dish which in Hindi/Urdu is the word for ‘bucket’ (balty). The word actually derives originally from the Portuguese word ‘balde’ which also means ‘bucket’ or ‘pail’ and this word arrived in India via the Portuguese in the late fifteenth century during their seafaring days.

So as you can see, typical food that is eaten in England has a distinct international feel to it, although there are also many mainstays of English food which have a much more familiar and home-grown feel to them – such as fish and chips.

Here at Interactive Travel though, we are particularly keen for our students to sample the outstanding foreign food that is available in Torquay which is why we have established the best Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants and have close ties with them. We encourage our students to indulge in economically priced but authentic and delicious meals where they go as a group and socialise together.

Our leaders and many of our staff (the writer of this article included) enjoy joining our students for these meals, which not only provide opportunities for the students to develop their English language speaking skills, but also to learn a few new Thai, Indian and Chinese phrases as well!

Because we are regular visitors to these restaurants and know the staff there well, we also get the opportunity to allow the students to visit the kitchens, observe the food being prepared and cooked and pick up a few tips on how this is achieved.

The feedback we receive from our students is that they thoroughly enjoy and look forward to these outings and it’s another great way to let off steam and allow them to enjoy themselves while also conversing in English. As you will know if you have read the rest of this website we pride ourselves on our unique approach to our English language activity courses where the pressure of learning the English language is displaced by activities and having fun.

This isn’t accidental, as we believe (and have observed the proof) that this approach produces better results and also means that as well as learning the English language the students also make gains in the area of personal development, confidence and maturity. We feel that this sets us apart from the many other organisations that offer courses which provide the opportunity for students to learn to speak English in England. We also feel that our non-profit status sets us apart as well because we have observed the pressures that are applied on other organisations to make a profit which appear to detract from the quality of the courses that they offer.

We hope that this appeals to other organisations who are perhaps already sending students on English courses in England and we invite you to use our contact form to contact us in order that we can answer any questions that you might have or send you more information about our courses, with a view to hopefully developing a relationship between our organisations in the future.

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