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Our English Language School Location

Our English Language School in Torquay is situated on the south-west coast of England embedded in beautiful countryside by the sea.

The Beautiful Devon Coastline

Due to the gulf stream, Torquay has an unusually warm climate for England. Even palm trees grow naturally here, giving this region the nickname, “The English Riviera”.

Torquay is not only a popular holiday destination for lots of young people from all over the world but many prosperous senior citizens choose Torquay for their retirement.

The Red Arrows Fly Torquay

Due to Torquay’s status as one of the best holiday locations in the UK, there are many seasonal attractions to be experienced. As well as an end of summer season firework display over Torbay, the Red Arrows also pay an annual visit and zoom across the bay, leaving their trademark smoke trails. In the above photograph, they are just beginning a sequence that results in the shape of a palm tree (the adopted tourism symbol of the English Riviera) being left in the sky.

The town offers many leisure activities as well as a beautiful harbour and many interesting shops and cafes. Outside the town centre, there are a number of small bays against the scenic red limestone cliffs and unique vegetation. Torquay, with it’s 60,000 inhabitants, is not only famous as the home town of Agatha Christie, but also as the location for several Rosamund Pilcher movies.