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Paintballing In Exeter

One of our favourite activities for our students to enjoy while they learn to speak English is paintball. In mainland Europe, some people call it ‘Gotcha’ and it’s sometimes also known as ‘Skirmish’ over here in England. Unfortunately, the sport is frowned upon in some European countries because they believe that it encourages violence. Well in our experience, it is precisely the opposite – it allows the participants to safely release aggression in a totally controlled and harmless manner and as an added bonus, most of our paintballers are totally exhausted after a day spent rolling around in the dirt and get a good night’s sleep afterwards.


Of course, it is important that participants are fully aware of the safety requirements for paintball. There are two zones – one is a safe zone and the other is the main paintball zone. The most important rule is that no-one is allowed to remove their helmet/face-guard while in the paintball zone at any time. There are always a team of marshalls on hand to monitor the teams while they are paintballing, and an instructor delivers the rules before any action takes place. As always, the instructor is English and provides all of the instructions in English. After he has finished each batch of instructions, a multi-lingual Interactive Travel leader then asks the students if they understand the instructions and if necessary, repeats the instructions in the student’s native tongue. As with all of our English language course activities there is a healthy combination of fun, sport, adventure and leadership exercises coupled with opportunities to speak and listen to spoken English language.


Here at Interactive Travel, we pride ourselves on the diversity and the benefits of our Language course activities. Unlike some of the other organisations that provide English language courses in England, we ensure that our students are constantly challenged – not only with their language studies, but also on a personal level so that they can experience personal development gains and take part in activities that not only challenge them physically and mentally, but also give them the opportunity to do things which they might never be able to experience otherwise. We feel that paintball is one of these types of activities and as such, it exemplifies what Interactive Travel language courses are all about.


As well as learning to speak English, we like to take our students home at the end of their language course with a whole range of new experiences that will have tested and challenged them, as well as putting a big smile on their faces, while making new friends in a different country. Add to this that they get to visit different parts of the country – some in the town, others in the countryside. Variety is the spice of life, is it not?