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Raft Building In Brixham

We like nothing better for our students on our English language course than to get them in the water! It’s one of the advantages of being so close to the coast in the South West of England. On our rafting activity day we not only get the students to race their rafts, we also require them to build them. Obviously, any sloppiness in the building leads to problems in the racing. Brixham is a town that is built upon and reknowned for it’s fishing heritage, so what better place for our students to learn how to tie knots and build rafts?


In the Brixham harbour area, the students are first shown how to build a raft and then go about actually making one. As usual, our multi-lingual leaders are ever-present, not only to ensure the safety of the students at all times but also to make sure that they learn to speak English at every opportunity. While the students are fully focused on making sure that their raft is likely to keep them out of the water and perhaps win them the race, it is a great way for them to surreptitiously pick up extra English language skills without feeling that they are being forced to do so. We find that these types of activities are much more productive in terms of learning to speak English than simply sitting in a classroom completing language exercises.


Our raft building activities are also another chance to encourage the students to increase their leadership and team-building qualities. At Interactive Travel we never like to miss an opportunity to help our students to develop their personality and grow as a person while they learn to speak fluent English.


As you can see from the photographs – all safety equipment is provided and we take our responsibility towards the student’s safety seriously. A safe student is a happy student!