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Raft Racing In Brixham

Once our language course students have built their rafts, it’s time for them to put them to sea! As you can see from the photographs, the rafts are a basic drum and timber design, but along the way our students pick up some knot-making skills as well as some team-building abilities as each team is responsible for building their own craft.


Once the rafts are constructed, the students carry them to the harbour and the race is on! Each team will have a leader so that the students are kept safe, but also to encourage them to speak as much English as possible. Obviously, it’s crucial that they learn to say ‘man overboard!’


This activity always puts a smile on our students’ faces and gives them plenty of exercise. Even on a short language course, we feel that it is imperative to combine activities with language studies in order to make sure that our students not only have fun, but also¬† don’t get bogged down and bored with continual classroom sessions. They say, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ We say – ‘when in Brixham, build a raft, have fun and get wet!’