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Tree Top Rope Challenge

Top tree walking revolves around using ropes and apparatus which is contained within trees which are approximately 20-30 metres in height. The exercises challenge the participants, particularly in the area of vertigo (fear of heights).

There are a series of exercises which get progressively more difficult as they are completed. A safety line is used at all times to ensure that anyone who slips does not actually fall, but if you have ever tested your own fear of heights you will know that when fear strikes, the mind seems to blank out the fact that you are harnessed to a safety line and cannot fall.

If you would like to see three videos of our students taking part in this challenge, please click the following link – Tree Top Vertigo Challenge Videos

For example, one of the exercises is rope walking – where the person has to walk along a single rope using two other guide ropes to support themselves with their hands. An instructor is always present while the tasks are completed, and as usual, the instructions are delivered to the language course students in English while there is a bilingual leader on hand to translate the instructions into the students’ native language if they don’t quite understand the English version.

This is another team building exercise and the students are divided into small groups at the start. Once the first person completes a challenge, they are required to pass on the instructions and advice to the next person in their group. The exercises are designed to push the person so that they can at first find their limits and then try to push past their fear and achieve things which are beyond their usual level – but of course, none of the activities are compulsory and it is entirely up to each individual how far they push themselves. These tests also develop problem-solving skills as well as improving their balancing ability.  Our students enjoy these challenges and of course an element of competition is employed in order to encourage each team to get better results than the next one.

As well as challenging their fears and team-building ability development, it’s another great way to help our students to learn to speak English, while enjoying themselves in the great English outdoors in a vibrant and beautiful natural environment, deep in the rural heart of South Devon.