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Tree Top Vertigo Challenge

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This first video is a short clip of our tightrope walking in the canopy challenge on our English language course. You will notice in the video that although the students are quite high up in the trees, the native English instructors are also up there with them, along with the course leaders.

The students use safety ropes at all times, although it’s easy to forget this when you’re actually up there! We like to encourage our students to take on challenges that push their limits somewhat, but at the same time the student is free to decide which challenges they want to attempt and at what sort of height they are comfortable with.

This tightrope challenge is great for developing the strength of the team as they are encouraged to help each other and provide moral support for anyone who is feeling the effects of vertigo. There is a wonderful sense of achievement to be gained by completing tasks that you never thought you would be able to achieve previously, by using the encouragement of others to surpass your own perceived boundaries.

Here is the first video clip, filmed in beautiful woods deep in the heart of South Devon.

In this next video, the first bridge is a kind of ’stepping stone’ type affair and the second one is a very long traditional rope bridge. Due to the length of this bridge, it is prone to swaying quite a lot, which can be ‘fun’…

In this tree-top video we have one of our English language course students (or could it perhaps be someone old enough to know better?) sliding down the zip line in the tree tops. It’s only a short video, but as the person zip lining is also holding the camera, you get the full ‘zip liner’s eye view’ – it’s almost as if you’re really there yourself, zipping through the tree tops!

These are just a few of the many activities that we encourage our students to participate in, in order to build their confidence, have fun and learn to speak English.

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